The Schwarzwaldhochstraße - a high altitude panorama road

This 65 kilometres long panorama road from Baden-Baden through the northern Black Forest to Freudenstadt is a must-see for every visitor in the Black Forest.

The Schwarzwaldhochstraße, also called the B500, is the oldest and perhaps most beautiful route for tourists in the Black Forest. It winds sinuously up to the peak of the Bühlerhöhe, where a hotel of international reputation, also called Bühlerhöhe, is located. It then runs alongside the mountains, with stunning panoramic views towards Freudenstadt on the eastern side of the forest, and all at altitudes of between 800 and 1000 metres.

Bad Peterstal-Griesbach

Genießen Sie in Deutschlands erstem Premiumwanderort Bad Peterstal-Griesbach in der Nationalparkregion Schwarzwald das Wandern auf den drei TOP-Premiumwegen der Schwarzwälder Wandersinfonie:




is the headline the New York Times recently used to describe Baden-Baden – and it’s certainly true that today the city’s rich history blends seamlessly with a highly contemporary lifestyle. Baden-Baden is revitalising itself and attracting increasing numbers of international visitors. What makes this small but impressively cosmopolitan city so appealing? First and foremost: it’s always had a strong appeal. Baden-Baden was established over 2,000 years ago as a place for people to relax and reconnect with themselves. Water, light, earth and air are the city’s precious resources. Extraordinary hot springs, spas and nature, hotels of unparalleled quality – and the lure of the casino. Over the centuries, Baden-Baden has evolved into an enchanting destination, offering a spectacularly diverse range of opportunities for both relaxation and excitement.



The Black Forest village Baiersbronn is situated in the northern Black Forest in the region around the Black Forest National Park (founded in 2014) where nature will be allowed to take its own course and plants and animals to grow without the influence of human beings.



Bühl mit seinen Stadtteilen erstreckt sich von der Rheinebene bis über 1.000 Metern an der Schwarzwaldhochstraße. Bis Baden-Baden sind es ca. 10 km, bis nach Karlsruhe ca. 40 km. In ca. 10 Minuten erreicht man von Bühl aus die deutsch-französische Grenze.

Bühl liegt direkt an der Autobahn A5 Karlsruhe - Basel (Ausfahrt Bühl, Nr. 52). Ein Bahnanschluss ist ebenfalls vorhanden. Der Flughafen Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden liegt ca. 20 km westlich von Bühl.



Von der Rheinebene über die Weinberge und die hügelige Vorbergzone erstreckt sich die Ferienregion Bühl-Bühlertal-Ottersweier bis hinauf zum Scheitel des nördlichen Schwarzwaldes in rund 1000 Meter Höhe. Zwischen der Badischen Weinstraße und der Schwarzwaldhochstraße fasziniert die Vielfalt der Landschaft.


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