The Black Forest village Baiersbronn is situated in the northern Black Forest in the region around the Black Forest National Park (founded in 2014) where nature will be allowed to take its own course and plants and animals to grow without the influence of human beings.

The best chefs in Germany...
Torsten Michel, Claus-Peter Lumpp and Jörg Sackmann are world-famous and star awarded chefs. Eight Michelin stars shine above our holiday resort. Next to the Michelin-starred restaurants you will find numerous very good restaurants.

Baiersbronn’s Hiking Heaven
Baiersbronn’s “Hiking Heaven” was born in 2004. For this a new network consisting of over 550 kilometres of hiking trails (most of them being paths) was realized. In addition to that, four managed forest huts were built, two multi staged hiking trails established, a new hiking map was released and a local hiking information centre opened.

Culinary Hiking Heaven
At the “Culinary Hiking Heaven” in Baiersbronn you can experience culinary pleasures and hiking in breathtaking nature at the same time as culinary art and hiking are the perfect symbiosis in Baiersbronn. Guests can enjoy a menu from a “Wild plant host”, restaurants and inns using natural ingredients from the local forest to prepare their dishes, or go on a walk with a “wild plant guide”, guides who take visitors on hikes and introduce them to all the forest has to offer.

Mountain biking at the “Hiking Heaven”
If you would like to discover Baiersbronn by bicycle, you can choose from eleven tours with a total distance of 400 kilometers and a share of up to 30% single tracks. In 2016, cycle paths have been established as part of the “Hiking Heaven”. The tracks are well signposted and range from 13 to 81 kilometers distance. They are suitable for families, beginners and experienced mountain bikers. Broad, graveled forest tracks and narrow, highly demanding stretches offer an interesting variety.

Holiday with the family
Families are very welcome in Baiersbronn. A huge variety of different playing and leisure activities can be found in Baiersbronn, e.g Murgel's playhouse. Baiersbronn was named one of the 16 most family-friendly holiday resorts in Baden-Württemberg.

Kulturpark Glashütte Buhlbach – glass production in Baiersbronn
In the 18th and 19th centuries, the glassworks in Baiersbronn-Buhlbach were the largest and most important in the Black Forest. The worldwide success of the Buhlbach factory lay in the development of the pressure-resistant champagne bottle. Go on a journey through time in a world of wood and glass.

Baiersbronn Classic
The annual rally recalls the legendary “Ruhestein-Bergrennen”, the first motor sport event in Germany after World War Two. Approximately 120 vintage cars ranging from pre-war years to the 70’s set off for 500 kilometers of winding roads. On the most beautiful stretches of the national park region different special stages require a high level of precision. For more information please visit

Schwarzwald Plus Guest card
Schwarzwald Plus is a special service for you – an invitation from your hosts and, above all, your ticket to an eventful holiday! You can use Schwarzwald Plus for free when you stay two nights or longer at a “Schwarzwald Plus host”. With this card you can enjoy over 80 attractions like chairlifts, museums, outdoor and leisure activities, guided hikes or swimming pools – every day. No need to think twice, no extra costs, only a great experience.

Highlights in Baiersbronn

Baiersbronn- Buhlbach - Glassworks Cultural Park

With something for all age groups, the Buhlbach Glassworks Cultural Park bears witness to the history of glass-making in the Black Forest and shows how the glassworks in Buhlbach developed.



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