Enjoy the atmosphere of the Black Forest for your holiday

Do you want an authentic experience during your holidays? Is it important for you to get to know the country and the people?

Have you come to experience the countryside and the culture with all your senses? If you also place great value on comfortable surroundings and friendly service, you've come to the right place!

On this page we provide a list of hotels and guest houses that stand out for providing the warm hospitality that is typical of the Black Forest. Wherever you see the 'Black Forest – Real Hospitality' logo, you know you're going to be in good hands.

The establishments that have been awarded this distinction particularly exemplify the architecture, furnishing, ambience and customer service that is typical of the Black Forest as a holiday resort with its diverse range of comfortable accommodations.

So that you know who you can rely on, these hosts will give you a 'feel-good guarantee' upon your arrival. If the services set out in the guarantee are not provided or not improved, you may leave after the first night without having to pay for accommodation or a cancellation fee.

The guarantee of quality that the distinguished establishments give states that; “As hosts we are aware of our particular responsibility to our guests. We are proud of our tradition and history. We uphold these and bring these across to our guests.”

The voluntary code additionally states; “We appreciate the value of our regional specialities. Therefore we keep and use traditional recipes that we interpret for modern times. We offer our guests food and drink that is typical for this region and are locally sourced.”

Furthermore, the hosts are also aware of the value and the sensitivity of the unique natural space of the Black Forest. Therefore, they take this responsibility seriously and try to run their establishments using as few natural resources as possible.



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