Spas and recreation, a relief from stress

Slowly ease yourself into the pleasant warmth of the water, feel it flowing slowly around your body and supporting it gently – and finally, relax. What a feeling!

No more stress, no more telephone ringing in the background, no more impatient boss. Just the simple feeling of relaxation. Escape from the strains of everyday life before it gets the better of you. Relax and recharge your mind, body and spirit – in the Black Forest it’s possible.

le bien-être

Beauty made in the Black Forest – natural cosmetics from the Black Forest

Mirror, mirror on the wall… After looking into the mirror, reaching for the cosmetics often seems to be the only salvation.

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Schwarzwald Balance

Bring your acid-base metabolism into balance by taking advantage of the facilities run according to 'Schwarzwald Balance' standards that have recently for the first time been branded with the new 'Schwarzwald Balance' logo.


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