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Of course, when most people imagine the Black Forest, it is a vision of trees, nature and relaxation that fills the mind. But the Black Forest has far more to offer than that! There are many opportunities for enjoying culture and relaxation throughout the year.

Our cities (Freiburg, Kalrsruhe, Pforzheim, Freudenstadt, Offenburg, Donaueschingen…) combine an atmosphere of hospitality with a rich history and modern interests. You will find cultural highlights throughout the entire region, ranging from the folk drama festival on Germany’s biggest open-air stage in Ötigheim to the Schwarzwald Musikfestival- the Black Forest music festival – with numerous acts in 25 villages and cities throughout the entire Black Forest. But even without special events, the innumerable museums, exhibitions, theatres and open-air theatres offer entertainment and pleasure to suit every taste. Discover our rich history and heritage on visits to castles, churches, monasteries and marvel at the handicrafts of past eras. Old or young – there is something for every generation in the cultural life of the Black Forest.

ID_3235_Schwarzwalduhr Ausschnitt Ravennaschlucht

The Black Forest cuckoo clock

The first examples of the unique Black Forest cuckoo clock were made in the area around Triberg in the 18th century.

les fermes de la Forêt Noire

The Schwarzwaldhöfe – the Black Forest farms

Everything is just perfect: Homes and landscape, form and function, the architectural style and the materials employed.


Myths and legends

The Black Forest stretches from Karlsruhe as far as the Upper Danube and from Pforzheim to Lörrach with its pine forests, pastures and mountain lakes. There are monasteries, castles and ruins – wonderful places where wonderful things can happen.


The Alemannische Fasnet - Alemannic carnival celebrations

The retention of the old carnival traditions is very important in the Black Forest and Black Forest people seek to distinguish their own carnival traditions from the more recent Rhenish influenced carnival.

ID_4124_PK Breisgaumilch STG  8. Mai 2009 Budig _135_


Black Forest people uphold their traditions. Almost every valley has its own distinct rituals. Traditions in the Black Forest mean far more than simply costumes and dances.


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