The SchwarzwaldCard – the Black Forest Card

As big as the holiday region is, and with the diversity of attractions on offer, such as leisure and adventure parks, the Black Forest Card provides discounts at over 160 sites.

The SchwarzwaldCard, what is this?

Visitors who carry the Black Forest Card enjoy free admission, free rides and further advantages at more than 160 attractions in the entire holiday region. The card is valid on three days that can be freely selected within the period of april until march of the following year. There are also many attractions that grant free entry or other benefits outside of the three day usage. So who plans more, saves more!

The card, without free admission to the adventure park Europa Park in Rust, costs 40,- Euros for adults, 30.- Euros for children between four and eleven years of age and 120.- Euros for families with up to three children under 18 years. The Black Forest Card, including one day in the adventure park Europa Park, costs 72,- Euros for adults, 59,- Euros for children and 252.- Euros for families. Have a look into the new online SchwarzwaldCard brochure!

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Further information:

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SchwarzwaldCard Kartenabbildung


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Free admission in more than 180 attractions – all in one card

SchwarzwaldCard 365 Kartenabbildung

SchwarzwaldCard 365

valid on 365 days
season card for even more experiences



Experience the entire Black Forest at one discount price!

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These attractions can be visited one time on days other than the three days of validity within the season.

Prices & sales offices

Prices & sales offices

The card is valid on three days, chosen freely within the season from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.


General Terms and Conditions of Use

Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH (hereinafter "STG") offers the SchwarzwaldCard (hereinafter "SWC"). With the SWC, you discover the full range of diverse experiences in the Black Forest. The SWC is
available at an affordable price and provides holders with free access to more than 135 of the top attractions among our service partners throughout the Black Forest.


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