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Thanks to the new Black Forest biosphere reserve, the holiday region can point to a further record: the highest national and international conservation ratings and, with the two Black Forest natural preserves, the largest protected area in a holiday region.

Christopher Krull, Managing Director from the Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH in Freiburg described the biosphere reserve, which was launched in February, as "a further pearl in the holiday region's green crown" and as an "absolute plus point" for developing sustainable tourism. "We see the expected recognition by UNESCO as a great opportunity for the region. The associated funding and investments can be well utilised for the further development of the tourist infrastructure."

Besides Freiburg, 28 towns in the districts of Lörrach, Waldshut and Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald are incorporated into the new biosphere reserve, which covers an area spanning over 632 km².

The Black Forest National Park, which opened two years ago, covers an area of over 100 km². Both have the aim of conserving animals and nature in general. Whilst the National Park focuses on nature, the biosphere reserve centres around the traditional cultural landscape that has been created by humans. Seventy-five percent of the land in the National Park is not used by humans; whereas this figure stands at just three percent in the biosphere reserve.

The new biosphere reserve is intended to highlight how activities in the fields of the economy, settlement activity and tourism can be brought in tune with the needs of nature and farming, and can be developed in a sustainable way in the future.

The state of Baden-Württemberg has provided extensive financial incentives for this: The state will assume all costs for the first three years; then 70 percent thereafter. Thus, 30 percent of the cost must be borne by the communities and local districts.

At the signing of the biosphere agreement, Minister for Tourism and Nature Conservation Alexander Bonde highlighted the special "win-win situation". On the one hand, the tourist offerings within the unique landscape can be linked up better; and on the other hand, the biosphere reserve brings "an additional prospect for value creation for the landscape with its many small family-run businesses".

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Die Ravennaschlucht im Naturpark Südschwarzwald.


© Christoph Eberle/ Schwarzwald Tourismus

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